10 tips on how to Sleep on an Airplane.

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Learn how to sleep on an airplane.

July 12, 2012
Americans love to travel. This year more than 48% of American will travel for business, vacation, or leisure according to USTravel.org. While traveling by car is still the most common way of getting around about three million people will fly this year. Many of these people fly multiple times. Getting better sleep on an airplane can be one of the best ways to start a trip. Also if you are flying a long way or scared of flying getting some shut eye can make your flight go faster. When speaking with @KourtniMietchen who has taken over 50 flights in the past 3 years we learned a few tips on how to get some sleep when flying. “There are a lot of ways you can get great sleep on a plane. I travel a lot and I try to sleep on the flight so I can be awake as much as possible so the flight goes by fast. Also if I’m going on a vacation I try to sleep on the plane so I’m rested when I get to my vacation
destination. Try these tips and let me know if they work for you. Good luck snoozing.”–Kourtni Mietchen
1. Get a Window Seat. Getting a window seat is key to getting quality rest on an airplane. Some flights will allow you to pick a window seat other make you check-in and wait in line to get the best seats. If you buy online and can just book the window seat definitely do. IF you have to check in and wait in line look into paying the upgrade fee ( it’s like $5–$10) and this will guarantee you get a spot in line towards the front. After you have got into the seat the rest is easy.
2. Bring a Sleeping Mask. Now I know what you are thinking. I don’t want to be the person everyone is looking at on the plane with a sleeping mask. The truth is they are only looking at you because they wish they had brought their own. Also remember you are never going to see these
humans again so don’t worry if they are all looking at you.
3. Charge your iPOD. Don’t forget to fully charge your iPod. Familiar music will help you sleep and will block out the noise on the plane. When the kid crying on the plane is keeping everyone awake you will be sleeping and not bothered. If you only have music on your phone try to use a
friend or family members because you can’t have your phone on the plane and you won’t want it to be dead when you get to your location.
4. Ask for a Pillow and Blanket. Did you know that planes want you to sleep on them. That is why they give you pillows and blankets. So ask for one. By placing the pillow up against the window that you are sitting next to and leaning over you make a perfect sitting bed. Now this is not like laying on your own mattress but it can be more comfortable that you might think.
5. Wear a Comfy Flight Outfit. This does not mean come in your PJs to the airport but it does mean you dress in something you can get comfortable in. Some people may want to pack a sleeping outfit in their carry on to they can change on the plane or right before they board the plane. Some flights may have a dress code so double check with your airline to make sure you don’t get to comfy and kicked off the plane.
6. Sit with Friends and Family. This may seem pretty common. However, a lot of times people don’t sit with each other on long flights. If you can snuggle up to a loved one on a long flight you can get a better sleep. This will also give you a little more room during the flight. Having a friends and family around you will make you more relaxed and help you sleep because sleep is awesome on planes for everyone.
7. Relax. Flights go up and down all day and most of the
night every day. Many studies have proved that it’s more safe to fly than drive. Some people get really nervous when they fly. Try to relax as much as you can. Get to the airport early and make sure you are checked in and ready to go. This should help you relax and get ready to get some
ZZZZZs on the flight.
8. Talk with the Flight Attendant. The flight attendant can be one of the best resources for you to get some sound sleep on a plain. When you first get on the plane tell them that you are going to try to get some sleep and to wake you when you arrive if you are still out. Now most of the time you will wake up when you start to land however, I have snoozed right though that a few times. This will also make it so they don’t ask you if you want a drink or snack and wake you up right as you fall asleep.
9. Bring Snacks. Since you won’t be eating on the plane and airport food is extremely overpriced pack a few simple snacks and put them in your carry on. There are some foods that can help you sleep. I like to cut up a few cucumbers and take some carrots. They save well and I can eat them in
the middle of the flight without being too loud.
10. Stay up late or get up early.
When going overseas or accosts country any flight longer than four hours I will l usually book an early morning flight and stay up late the night before. This way I am extremely sleepy on the plane and fall right to sleep. Sometime these flights are less full and you can get an entire row to yourself.

Good luck trying these tips on the plane. Thanks again to Kourtni for sharing her expertise on how to sleep when flying on an airplane. Do you have any other tips to help you fall asleep on flights? Thanks for checking out the intelliBED blog. Check out a related blog Sleep Direction; Does it Matter?. Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook Page  or Tweet #intelliBED on Twitter. Thank you for helping intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.10 tips for sleeping on an airplane.

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