Founded in 2000, Intellibed is known as the world’s most advanced mattress manufacturer. Intellibed’s patented next-generation Gel Matrix technology promotes the three keys to healthy sleep; good posture-support, pressure point relief and a healthy sleep environment. Intellibed’s products are made in the USA in their Salt Lake City headquarters.

intelliBED is the world's most advanced mattress manufacturer.
intelliBED mattresses have proprietary technology.
intelliGEL is the most advanced cushioning material available.
inteliBED mattresses are some of the most comfortable.

Gel Matrix®, our proprietary technology, is the most advanced cushioning material ever created for properly supporting the human body. Gel Matrix is a cutting edge combination of science and patented materials.

Intellibed manufactures Gel Matrix mattresses in the USA in our Utah factory. We have established a network of healthcare professionals who educate people on the importance of a proper sleep surface and how it plays a vital role in achieving deep sleep. IntelliBED mattresses are engineered for better sleep by providing the proper back support and reducing tossing and turning. no other mattress on the market.