Why Buy an Adjustable Bed Base?

Why buy an adjustable base bed?

If you suffer from back pain, acid reflux or snoring, buying an adjustable bed base from intelliBED could solve your sleeping problems. A good night’s sleep is crucial for good health, but when you aren’t comfortable at night it can make sleeping extremely difficult. With an intelliBED adjustable bed base, you can alter your sleeping position to exactly what you need for long-lasting, comfortable, healthy sleep. The adjustable bed bases we sell here in our store allow you to incline or recline the head and legs of your bed. This way you have the option to sleep with your head or legs elevated or lie completely flat depending on your physical needs.


Our adjustable base helps with back pain.

Help with Back Pain

Those who suffer from back pain can use an adjustable bed base to sleep in a position that better matches the contours of the body. Sleeping with your back flatter to the ground helps prevent conditions like sciatica, a painful condition where the sciatic nerve gets trapped between the brain and limbs. With your spine supported, it will stay aligned, prevent trapped nerves and release those that are stuck. Even if you already have sciatica, you may find that this relieves the pain. You can also increase the bed’s incline to reduce the pressure that causes your back to compress during the night. In addition, the incline helps support your head so you don’t need to pile up pillows and cause any neck pain or headaches.

Adjustable base beds can help sleep disorders.

Relief from Sleep Apnea and Snoring

The incline of an adjustable bed from intelliBED will help your snoring problem. A major cause of snoring is the windpipe closing because of the neck’s weight, which results in the air making a snoring sound as it passes through. When you’re propped up slightly, the direction of gravity is changed and won’t obstruct the windpipe. This reduces the sound of snoring and improves sleep quality. If you snore because of sleep apnea, an adjustable bed base is especially effective. Sleep apnea causes someone to wake up throughout the night because breathing stops. This not only damages sleep quality, but it can become dangerous if breathing stops for too long. You can’t eliminate sleep apnea by altering position, though it can definitely improve the problem.


What can an adjustable base bed provide?

Ease Digestive Issues

With an adjustable bed base, your body can process food better during the night, relieving acid reflux and heartburn. Health professionals don’t advise sleeping on a full stomach, but if you have eaten within the last few hours before sleeping than adjusting position can be beneficial. intelliBED adjustable bed bases at our store allow you to position yourself at the recommended 6 inches to encourage healthy digestion.

Our mattresses help with bad circulation and swelling.

Bad Circulation and Swelling

If you have strained, pulled or broken limbs, they need to be elevated to prevent pain. An adjustable bed gives you better elevation than a pillow or cushion and reduces swelling through the night. Those who work on their feet all day can also benefit from an adjustable base if they find their lower legs and feet swollen after a long day. When you elevate your legs it not only feels better but combats problems like varicose veins as well.



Adjustable bed bases have the ability to adjust the height of various parts of your body giving you greater control of your circulation, making life easier for your heart. This also allows you to directly affect problem areas such as legs by raising them to above your heart.


Better control of blood flow coupled with removed stress from areas suffering from arthritis or aches will help minimize and alleviate joint pain. Raising or lowering parts of your body allows you to shift your weight thus taking off the weight of areas of the body that are experiencing pain as the lower back.

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Lying flat when you sleep retricts oxygen pathways and inhibits the traveling of that oxygen to vital organs. Restricted pathways are one of the leading causes of snoring, along with the sinus congestions. The benefits of sleeping in an elevated position will allow those pathways to be clearer thus reducing snoring.

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If you suffer from acid reflux disease or heartburn, sleeping with your upper body in an elevated position approximately 6-8″ will help provide relief.

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