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Most Mattresses Make Allergies Worse – But Not Intellibed™

It may be difficult to tell, but your mattress could be contributing to your allergies. Mattresses can be composed of chemicals or sprayed with them, and both cases can lead to allergy problems. Mattresses made with these toxic materials are often are made quickly and cheaply, but contact with chemicals can be avoided if care is taken to maintain the quality of the materials going into each mattress. Mattresses that are made from or sprayed with chemicals create a fume that can be inhaled and affect your respiratory system or penetrate through your skin.

The Intellibed Difference

Intellibed mattresses are all made from hypoallergenic, allergy and asthma-free materials, which makes them the best mattress for allergies. All of our mattresses are zero off-gassing and produced without any harsh chemicals. You won’t have to worry about production quality or materials with any Intellibed products; only the best components go into each layer that makes up the Intellibed.

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