In order to choose the best mattress for the optimum sleep, there are six important things that you can’t compromise on.

1) First, you need a bed that is really firm. The firmer the better to keep your back in alignment.

2) Secondly, you need a bed that is really soft to take away pressure points and prevents tossing and turning. Until now, you had to choose between a bed that was either firm or soft.

Intellibed with revolutionary Gel Matrix is the world’s first bed that is both firm and soft at the same time so you don’t have to compromise when choosing a bed.

3) Next, you need a bed that sleeps cool. Many mattresses sink and surround your body with non-breathable foam. The result? You wake up hot and sweaty. The beauty of Intellibed’s innovative Gel Matrix column structure is it has low thermal concavity while allowing free airflow so you can sleep nice and cool all night long.

4) For those of you who are very health conscious when it comes to your family, you need to avoid beds with off-gassing and that terrible smell that comes with it. Intellibed’s Gel Matrix is made from food grade mineral oil, the same material that is safe enough to make baby pacifiers. Best of all, the Gel Matrix is 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic, so you and your family can sleep healthier, happier and breathe a little easier.

5) Finding a low-motion mattress is a must for most couples. Motion isolation mattresses provide the proper individual support for couples to avoid disturbing their partner’s sleep. Intellibed with Gel Matrix is the ultimate in motion control so even the most fidgety sleeper won’t stop his or her partner from getting a restful sleep.

6) Last, but not least, you want to look for the most durable bed that will maintain its shape and won’t sag after a few years. Intellibed’s Gel Matrix is so strong and durable, it comes with a no-nonsense, 20 year warranty, the best in the industry.

Remember, when purchasing a bed, buy the best and it will pay dividends for your health and well-being. Look before you sleep. Intellibed with Gel Matrix is simply superior technology and a superior bed.

What to look for in a luxury mattress:
Back support
Pressure relief
Temperature control
Motion control
Lasting durability