Bonding at Bedtime with Your Child.

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Bedtime reading is a great time to bond.

July 11, 2012
Before bed can be a great opportunity for family bonding. There is a special bond that a parent and child can get during bedtime. Also this will build a healthier, more stable
relationship. Consider bedtime a quality time to talk to your child. Use this as an excellent opportunity to remind your child how proud of them you are and how much you love them. This will help you both get a better sleep. Sometimes the little things make all the difference.
A lot of times, families have a lot going on right before bedtime. This creates a frantic time of finishing dinner, finishing homework, throwing together lunches for the next day, getting everyone in the bath and tucked in for the night. It’s better for kids to have a half-hour or so before bedtime to connect with their parents in a positive way not rushing around and then going straight to bed. Having things happen at a sane pace at home, and having time for kids and parents to actually interact with one another, is more important than you may realize. There are some very easy
tips that might allow you to switch your kids over to this new routine.
If you are having behavior problems with your child, or if theyare having trouble in school, these tips and changes to your night time routine could be just the thing to get your child right back on track. First turn off all electronics 30 minutes before bed. This means ALL ELECTROICS for parents and kids. Next get into a routine every night. Next, talk to your children before they go to sleep each night.
Turn off all of These off 30 Minutes Before Bed.
Have a Family Routine Every Night.
•Set a Bedtime
–Even on Weekends.
•Set a wakeup time
–Even on Weekends.
•Family time before bed.
•A warm bath or shower.
•Puzzles or building blocks can be a good, quiet family game
.•Drawing or coloring is also a good before-bed family activity.
•Listening to family music, reading out loud and quiet talk is a good way to bond before bed.

Research all across the board suggests that when parents bond with their children before bed the relationship between the two is strengthen. This can also prevent sleeping disorders in small children and even help parents sleep better at night. Even if you have never done this before try it out, and let us know how if it helps your family. Thanks for checking out the intelliBED blog. Check out a related blog Coping with Juvenile Bedwetting. Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook Page  or Tweet #intelliBED on Twitter. Thank you for helping intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.This mattress is perfect for those with back pain.

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