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Do you want to buy a new mattress? Visit the intelliBED store online to find a luxury therapeutic mattress that will make sure you always have a good night’s sleep. Since 2000, we’ve provided ideal sleep surfaces to people throughout the United States. intelliBED mattresses are made with Gel Matrix® technology that promotes good posture support, pressure point relief and a healthy, non-toxic sleep environment. intelliBED products are made in Salt Lake City, sold online and shipped across the United States. The luxury mattresses at intelliBED online are designed based on the research of an established network of healthcare professionals.

Why You Need a Therapeutic Mattress

Therapeutic mattresses are ideal for people who need extra posture support, but anyone can benefit from an intelliBED luxury therapeutic mattress. These mattresses are engineered to align your spine and create plush, yet firm support. When you purchase a therapeutic mattress from our online store, you’ll be sleeping on a surface that reduces pressure points, regulates temperature and promotes better circulation. Conventional mattresses create pressure points at the heaviest parts of the body.

The body will then turn this pressure into pain and flip from side to side to relieve the pain. This kind of painful pressure can cut off blood flow to skin and tissue and this tells your brain to move the body into a different sleeping position. People toss and turn an average of 40 times per night. A therapeutic mattress from intelliBED online can prevent this.

Shop at the intelliBED Store

All of our luxury mattresses we sell on the online intelliBED store are made with Gel Matrix® technology, which was originally designed for hospital use. This allows for long-lasting, completely non-toxic and restorative sleep. If you want an ideal sleep surface that provides proper back support and spinal alignment, along with relieving pressure points around the body, then shop at intelliBED online. intelliBED mattresses are all 100% non-toxic and non-off-gassing, so every night’s sleep is safe. Wherever you live, you can visit the intelliBED store online today and purchase a new therapeutic mattress.

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