Many children suffer from bedwetting.

Coping with Bedwetting

In Say What?

Bedwetting is common, especially in young children. At an age of five, 16% of children still have problems with bedwetting. By the age of 15, only 1-2% continue to wet the bed. As a parent this can be a frustrating situation however, children should never be made to feel that they have done something wrong. Remember that this is most often done involuntarily, and the child often wants this to stop as much or more than parents want it to stop.

Instead of contributing to the problem by criticizing, become part of the solution by supporting them the best you can. Children respond amazingly well to parental guidance in this case. Children who wet the bed consistently are likely to be self-conscious and because of this need to be built up. As a parent or loved on, we need to be the primary ones to build them up.

Besides psychological reasons, there are physical causes for bed-wetting such as poor muscle control of the pubococcygeus muscle or an undersized bladder.

Some tips for helping your child overcome bedwetting include making sure that your child goes to the bathroom and urinates before going to bed. Fluid restrictions after a certain time of night can help as well. Another tip is to set an alarm during the night to get up and help the child use the restroom. Other ideas include underwear that has an alarm that goes off when it senses liquid. If the problem is poor muscle control, children can build these muscles by stopping urine flow after they have started going to the bathroom, but haven’t finished, and repeating the activity multiple times.

Parents should support their children and help remain positive and should never make their child feel ashamed for wetting the bed. Changing the bed sheets with the child without criticizing them will help the child from being emotionally damaged by bedwetting. If children do not respond to parental help and wet the bed often, talk to your doctor to see what other options are available.

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