Crazy Beds

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June 7, 2012
Beds come in all shapes and sizes. Most of us have the very traditional king or queen bed in the traditional rectangle shape . However how many of us had a bunk-bed, a car bed or a princess bed when we were little. If it is okay for us as children to have a crazy been why can we not have more fun with the shapes and sizes of our beds when we are older. While surveying the internet we run into a lot of crazy structures, shapes and over all crazy bed concepts. We have compiled a few of our favorites and we are excited to be able to show them to you. Check out these crazy beds and let us know which one is your favorite.
 You're never far from Facebook in this bed.
This is the Facebook bed. The shape of the Facebook f this bed comes with a seat for your computer so you are never far away from your next Facebook status update. If you added an intelliBED mattress to this you may never want to leave.
This bed is shaped like a car.We see a lot of really cool car beds online. If these beds are half as comfortable as they are creative it must be hard to get out of them. In all the beds we have seen this is one of our favorites. You can see the front 1/4th of an old car with matching bedding and then a car wash theme. This is classy yet not to over the top.
These beds are crazy!
Most small children do not like sharks. However if you got to sleep on this every night you would have to really enjoy the animal. This could be a child’s bed but we think that it could be a for a grown up as well. The huge shark makes the perfect platform for this bed. A few surrounding aquariums really makes this bed come to life.
                                                        A beautiful bird-nest bed.
The bird-nest bed looks like something right out of a movie. The four trees make up the posts of the bed but they don’t stop there. The trees branch out to come together and a nest directly in the center of the bed tops of this crazy bed. We are not sure what demographic this bed is appealing to be we do know that it got our attention.
A bed next to the beach would be great.
Any bed this close to the beach is one that is get everyone’s attention. While it would not be ideal if the weather wasn’t perfect we are guessing that where this bed is the weather isn’t the issue. If you can’t sleep here we don’t know where you can sleep.
A fun sandwich bed.
This bed if nothing else has to make you want to go get a sandwich. We are not sure if you can count intelliGEL as a condiment but we think it would go well with the ketchup and mustard on this bed.
Shaq has a huge bed.
Okay this bed may need a few intelliGEL mattresses
because it is huge. This monster of a bed belongs to the one and only Shaquille O’Neal and measures out to be 15 feet long and 30 wide. Most families could sleep their entire family on this bed.


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