Funny Friday; Like Sleeping?

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June 8, 2012

We spend a large amount of life sleeping.

Today is Friday and you made it through another week of work, school and life. Everyone needs a good laugh after a long hard week. We feel a lot of people are going to agree with this one. The basics of sleeping and eating are intertwined because what you eat affects how you sleep and how you sleep affects what you eat. Like in our article “How much do animals sleep” pandas sleep most of the day. In fact pandas sleep up to hours a day and take up to six hours a day in naps. While most of us can’t sleep 10 hours a day or take six hour naps it’s hard to find people who don’t love sleeping. More than 24,000 people like a Facebook page dedicated to the Love of Sleeping. We clearly love sleeping around here. Let us know if you like sleeping or eating more. Comment bellow or join the conversation on our Facebook page or on Twitter. Thank you for helping intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.

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