Funny Friday: Off Duty Mattress Delivery

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Mattress on top of a police car.

A Miami-Dade, Fla, off duty veteran police officer used her patrol car as a moving truck, strapping two mattresses to the top of her car after purchasing them at a local Miami-Dade Big Lots.

Concerned tax payers spotted a women loading two mattresses on top of her police patrol car at a Big Lots store, and then driving away. The citizens took pictures and videos, and shared them with the local TV station WPLG.

Sandra Lyles, 32-year veteran, was six days from retirement when the incident happened in early march of this year. The department has stripped Lyles of her take-home vehicle, badge, and gun.

Miami-Dade police officers are allowed to use their patrol cars for personal use in Miami-Dade county. This increases police presence and an officer can jump into action if he or she sees a crime. However what would have happened if this officer had to jump into action?

This is not the first time this officer has been in trouble on the job. In 1990 Lyles was demoted to Homicide. In 2003 she was for parking her patrol car in a handicap parking spot and in 2007 she found herself in trouble again for conducting private business while on duty. These major infractions make up 3 of the 19 times Lyles has been disciplined in her 32-year career.

We are all about buying new mattresses we just hope next time a member of the Miami-Dade police force buys a bed it is an intelliBED and it is properly delivered. We have even suggested how to find Which intelliBED is right for you in a previous blog.


Do you think that the officer was in the wrong even though police officers are allowed to use their cars for personal use? Have you ever strapped anything to the top of a car because you didn’t have a truck? Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for helping us perfect the science of sleep.   

Check out the full news report done by Miami-Dade news station WPLG. Click here


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