Get Great Sleep on Vacation.

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July 19, 2012

It’s summer time, school is out and it’s the middle of baseball season this can only mean one thing; it’s vacation time. This year millions of American families will load up the car or hit the sky’s to travel across this great nation to enjoy spending time with loved ones. Vacations are great, they reduce stress levels, build relationships within families, and give you a chance to unwind, but did you know that a vacation can lead to impaired sleeping schedules. When was the last time that you went to bed early and got up at the break of down on vacation. Guessing you can’t remember. This is because you either haven’t went on vacation in a while or you have not relaxed like you should on vacation. Below are tips on how to get better sleep on vacation.

How to get great sleep while on vacation.

#1 Vacation Sleep Tip:

Make time for sleep on vacation. This may seem like a normal concept however once you get to your vacation destination you are going to want to do everything in sight! This is normal and you should do as much as possible during your vacation. However, if you schedule your vacation out in advance and stick to the schedule while on vacation you can get more things done and more rest at night. With the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night you will wake up feeling more energized and ready to fully enjoy your vacation. Next time you go on vacation try this tip and let us know if you get more rest, wake up feeling great in the morning and get more activities done.

#2 Vacation Sleep Tip:

Watch what you eat. You’re on vacation that doesn’t mean you have to eat as healthy as you do at home. However, you should watch what you eat close to bed time and after 5pm if you want to get the best rest. Eating before bed doesn’t allow your body to get a sound rest because it has to digest the food that you just consumed. Then this food is stored as fat because your body isn’t burning the same calories as if you we’re awake. Also drinking drinks high in sugar and caffeine after lunch can prevent you from being able to sleep. If you avoid foods high in sugar before bed as well you will get a better night’s sleep and successfully enjoy your vacation.

#3 Vacation Sleep Tip:

Stay on a Comfortable Mattress. Odds are you are not going to get to stay on the same quality mattress that your sleep on at home. However, there are something’s you can do to get a better mattress on vacation. @Tyler_Hayes from Desloge, Missouri recently took a vacation to Southern, Utah to watch a family member graduate from Dixie State College. When Tyler booked the trip six months before he thought he would have plenty of time to find the best mattress at the best hotel. Boy was he right, after calling around he found a spa in St. George that allowed you to sleep on a quality therapeutic mattress for the same price as a normal hotel. Next time you go on vacation take time to book your room in advance and try to look for a quality mattress that will help you sleep and fully enjoy your vacation.

#4 Vacation Sleep Tip:

Exercise in the Morning on Vacation. Okay, so you don’t even exercise at home and now you’re going to start on vacation. YES! This is the perfect time to get into a healthy routine. You should schedule out your vacation, which will allow you to get up 20 or 30 minutes early, for a nice morning jog. Try this over the period of your vacation and then when you see that it works keep it going at home. Jogging in the morning on a treadmill or outside will allow you to get a better night’s sleep on vacation and in your day to day life.

#5 Vacation Sleep Tip:

Expect a hiccup in the Schedule.  You’re on vacation don’t worry if you run late, or don’t 100% stick to your schedule. If you and the kids are having an extraordinary good time at one activity keeps doing it. There is no sleep penalty for not sticking to your schedule. When you get off track a little adjust accordingly. Leave some wiggle room when making your schedule and you will stay on track and get better sleep on vacation.

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