Getting Sleep in the Summer Heat.

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Learn how to get good summer sleep.

July 17, 2012
Are you losing sleep because of the summer heat? Have you recently changed your schedule, went on vacation, or do you have a busy schedule that will not allow you to get the needed rest at night? If this sounds like you it is time to make a change. Sleep is extremely important for your health. If you stop and think about it we should sleep one third of our lives. This has to be for a reason and if we are going to do something this much we need to do it as well as possible. Some people complain of losing sleep in the summer heat.
There is a lot of distraction during the summer weather it be, the kids being out of school or the extra hours of sunlight, even the extreme heat keeps us from getting the quality sleep we need. It just seems like everything about summer seems to be taking away from the hours we sleep.
Did you know that you are 70% more likely to wake up during the night if you sleep in temperatures higher than 75 degrees? While scientist do agree on a certain temperature there is a consensus in the industry that sleeping in a cool room. There are many tips and tricks that may help you sleep at night. Every person is different and if you experience sleeping problems over a long period of time please consult your family doctor or a sleeping professional. However, one of the ways to improve your sleep quality is to improve your sleeping area. Your bedroom should be a place where you sleep and getting dressed only. By “hanging out” in your bedroom pr watching TV in your bedroom you condition your body to not sleep in your sleeping area. Here are some tips, to help you avoid some traditional sleeping mistakes to get the best sleep during the summer.

Tip #1  Set a bedtime for every night.

Your body performs best on a routine. By going to sleep at the same time each night your “internal clock” you will help you fall asleep easier and faster, while staying asleep all night long and waking up feeling your best.

Tip #2  Wake up at the same time each morning. 

According to the national sleep foundation waking up early and at the same time each morning helps you be more productive and more active throughout your day.

Tip #3  Keep your bedroom at a  cool temperature.

Most of us have a difficult time sleeping in a hot room. Make sure that you have fresh, cool air in your bedroom. Opening a window or buying a fan can help a lot. Not only will you fall asleep faster, but you will stay asleep and wake up feeling fully rested. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night in a hot bed.

Tip #4  Keep it dark when you sleep.

It stays light later in the summer evenings and the sun comes up earlier in the morning, with light-control window treatments, you are able to have as much, or as little light as you want. Even hanging a blanket over a window for those of you on a budget can help you get a better sleep.

Tip #5 Replace old, worn mattresses.

Have you replaced your mattress lately? The average bargain brand mattress doesn’t last very long. If you are waking up feeling more tired than when you went to bed, or waking up frequently during the night, it might be time to replace your mattress. You can get great prices on our online mattress store. Shop here now.
 Do you sleep well during the summer? Do you get hot during the night? Share with us how you keep cool during the night. Thanks for checking out the intelliBED blog. Check out a related blog Makeover your Mattress. Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook Page  or Tweet #intelliBED on Twitter. Thank you for helping intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.

How to get sleep during warm weather.

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