Health Problems related to Sleep Duration

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Little sleep can cause health problems. In a recent study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention research suggests that 30% of employed American adults get less than six hours of sleep each night. This is an estimated 40 million people that are not getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. The study breaks these numbers up by day and nightshift employees and by which industry each person is employed in. Understandably nightshift employees reported the highest percentage of people who got less than six hours of sleep per day, with 44% of the 2.2millionnightshift workers reporting they didn’t get the recommended amount of sleep. Transportation and warehouse employees reported in the highest numbers for an industry at a staggering 69.7% of which reporting that they didn’t get more than six hours  of sleep per night. Sleep duration is a very serious and even dangerous preventable disease. Sleep duration is responsible for over 30% of all vehicular deaths in America. Also consecutive nights of less than six hours of sleep can cause the following health issues:

  1. Higher Blood Pressure
  2. Higher Heart Rate
  3. Increased Stress
  4. Higher Risk of Diabetes
  5. Increased Appetite than can Lead to Obesity
  6. Decreases the immune system
  7. Depression
  8. Low Productivity Levels
  9. Lower Back Pain
  10. Delayed Response time

With so many negative side effects of sleep duration it is amazing that we do not schedule more time each day to sleep to ensure your good health. How do you allow time to get everything done in your day to day lives still find time to sleep seven to nine hours each night? Do you take naps during the day when you get less sleep at night? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or any other intelliBED social network platform. Thank you for helping us perfect the science of sleep.

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