Is Great Sleep Worth It?

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What Is Your Bed Really Worth?


One of the considerations people make when purchasing a mattress is how long it will last. Factoring into that consideration are materials, warranty and general wear and tear. Many people feel that if you can get about 10 years out of a mattress, you’ve found something reasonable. In many cases that’s true, though this view is somewhat dated. Mattresses and the materials that make them up have become more and more advanced, and part of that progression involves an increase in the life of the mattress.

Even with the advances in technology and the increasing science confirming the necessity of a good night’s sleep, many people don’t know what they can or should expect out of a mattress, and therefore often settle for less. We spend so much of our time asleep (⅓ of our lives, in fact), and the research and investment we put into the decision of a new mattress often doesn’t reflect its actual importance. Most people would scoff at the notion of, say, a $10,000 mattress (which is certainly on the expensive side), yet they hardly bat an eyelash when spending that much on a vehicle. When you’re about to buy a car you look at price, fuel economy, warranty, reliability, comfort and eco-friendliness among other things. You take test drives, crunch numbers, look for trustworthy dealerships and put much effort into the entire process. Considering how much time we spend in our cars, then, it would stand to reason that the decision behind buying a bed would be even more thorough and painstaking. However, this is generally never the case. People usually look at how comfortable a bed is—and that’s usually in the store, not by actually sleeping on it. Then they probably consider the price and life of the bed and then go from there.

For spending so much of our lives sleeping, we don’t give sleep and the process that goes into it the attention it deserves. As mentioned earlier, many people would think that most mattresses that last you 10 years are certainly worth the money paid for them. If you can really get 20 years out of a mattress, then that’s something special. 30 years and the mattress must be truly excellent, otherwise the company offering such a warranty would lose all of its money replacing beds that didn’t live up to the expectation they set. IntelliBED mattresses are warrantied to last 30+ years because their construction, materials and responses to wear and tear are all at the cutting edge of technology, providing you with the best sleep available, and at the best price over time. If you consider the price of your bed based on how many nights of sleep you get out of it, then nothing really compares to IntelliBED. A cheap bed is fine because it’s affordable, but before long you’ve purchased a number of beds for money in the time when you could have still had one bed and not worried about it. It’s an investment in your long-term savings, your health and good sleep.

Any bed is an investment, however, and the process is something that should be taken seriously. Really consider what you’re spending your money on and what’s going to make the most sense to you years down the road. A little bit of foresight now could save you hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars and years of discomfort and frustration. We need to be willing to assign sleep the value it deserves, then act accordingly. After all, if we feel peace of mind about an entire third of our lives, it’s going to make the other two thirds that much more manageable.

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