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June 29, 2012
Are you not getting the rest you think you deserve at night? Do you toss and turn all night not being able to get comfortable all night? Does your back hurt in the morning? These are all signs of a worn out, old crummy mattress. With the economy these days it is more difficult to upgrade your mattress. Did you know that you can add an Intelli-Gel® mattress topper to your existing mattress and get a better night’s sleep? Well it’s true. Adding an Intelli-Gel mattress topper can give your mattress five to ten more good years. This is because most of the time when a mattress starts to wear out the innersprings are still good. The Intelli-Gel Topper contains a full layer of cushioning Intelli-Gel that weighs about 70 pounds and is encased in an environmentally friendly cotton cover. Buy an Intelli-Gel Topper here.
 There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your mattress. When you add an Intelli-Gel Topper your bed will actually become more comfortable then when you originally bought it. Intelli-Gel provides 2-3 times more cushioning support than your mattress came with new. It also is very heavy-duty this is not just a piece of foam. And the best part is that is comes with a 10 year warranty because intelliBED knows it will work and we know it will last! If you are thinking of buying a new mattress in the $500.00 range remember that mattresses in this price range are not going to last long. Then in two or three years you are going to have to buy a new mattress again. Save yourself time and money by adding a topper. You are going to get 10 years of great comfortable use. Not only does this product come with an incredible warranty but we also offer a 60 day in-home trial.

Have you used one of the Intelli-Gel Mattress Toppers? Is your mattress ready for an upgrade? We are always looking for your experiences, advice and opinions so join the conversation on Facebook or Tweet #intelliBED on Twitter or one of the manyintelliBED Social Networks. Thank you for helping  intelliBED perfect the science of sleep.

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