Gel Matrix vs. those other gels

Gel Matrix technology is comfortable.They say copying something is the sincerest form of flattery and that certainly holds true in the mattress business. As our Gel Matrix mattresses became more and more successful we had people try to take it away from us. We successfully defended our exclusive right to the 100% co-polymer gel trademarked Gel Matrix for the home mattress market in the court system of the US. So other mattress companies began to market look-a-like gel mattresses maintaining they were as good as intelliBED.

Natura use a gel that contains 15% microshperes by volume called Nexgel®. Serta also has a memory foam and gel pieces bed called i-comfort® in which the gelled memory foam reduces the transfer of heat to solve one of the problems of traditional memory foam. When we test these foamed gel knock-offs for material safety and durability we find they perform more like other foams and nothing like our patent protected Gel Matrix.

We also have personal experience in working with customers who were told they were buying an intelliBED with Gel Matrix. After less than two years of using one of these knock-off beds they had failed. When they called us for warranty help they got the bad news that they had been fooled by a salesperson and the product they purchased was not an intelliBED.

There are other gels used in mattresses, but none of them compare to Gel Matrix for material safey, comfort, support and durability. There is only one Gel Matrix and we have the exclusive right to use it in our intelliBED mattresses!

Watch the following short videos for more gel mattress research from our Sleep Lab.


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