Sleep Blue Review: Can iPhone App help you sleep?

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Can an app help you sleep?Is it possible that an application on your cellphone could help you fall asleep? Sleep Blue is an app found in the iTunes App store that helps you fall asleep naturally without using medications or herbal remedies. Sleep Blue claims to help you fall asleep by resetting your body’s Circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm is an endogenously driven 24-hour cycle in biochemical, physiological, or behavioral processes. Basically it is the way your body reacts to light and dark cycles or day and night.

In a previous blog we talked about titled 5 Tips for Better Sleep.   we talk about keeping the room dark and reducing noise. Sometime however it is impossible to eliminate all noise when sleeping, for times like this we suggested that you use white noise to cover up the sound. This is one of the reasons intelliBED readers asked us to review this app to see if it worked.  Our bodies are subjected to a lot of artificial light during the day and evening as well. This in a way tricks our body to thinking it is still day time and not time for sleep. This can cause insomnia, and other sleep disorders. On our guest to perfect the science of sleep we took the challenge to look into the Sleep Blue app.

First and foremost we were very pleased to see that this is a free app. So we have no investment but time if we do not like the app. One of the only things we noticed that were negative about the app would be that it is not available on android market and the website for the app that most customers would use for customer service is still under construction. These seem to be minor problems and should be easy fixes with time. Sleep Blue is very easy to use. The Sleep Blue app can help you sleep. After you download and install the app, all you have to do is select the options you would like to use. There are more options than we thought there would be which was very nice. You can set a timer for the app that will allow you to keep it on for an hour or all night. Next you pick a sound you would like to listen to as your white noise to help you fall asleep. Beach waves, birds and even the sound of a fan call all help you fall asleep. Next adjust the brightness of the app as well as the volume of the sound you picked and you’re ready to go to sleep using Sleep Blue. One issue that you might run into is that your mobile device must be close to you preferably on your nightstand next to your bed. Your device will project blue light onto the ceiling and the walls close to it which we did not know before using it. For the best use you will need to make sure you are comfortable and able to view one of the walls with the light being projected onto it. The app suggests that if you sleep on your side you might want to place the device across the room on a wall that you can view. From download to bed it took us about 3 minutes which was faster than was expected. Finding the best place to put the light on the wall was the only issue we ran into. The app says that you might want to charge your device while using Sleep Blue as it will drain your battery if not plugged in. In all we give Sleep Blue 4.5 out of 5 stars and would suggest downloading it if you are having problems sleeping. If you have more questions or need customer support you can Email

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