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  • Our Technology Is Rocket Science

    We Don’t Track, We Treat

    Sleep Genius™ was developed following research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep.

    Astronauts orbiting the earth will experience 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours—throwing off their circadian rhythms. So NASA enlisted neuroscientists to find a way to help astronauts improve their sleep without having to resort to sleeping pills or other medication.

    This same team of neuroscientists, together with experts in music therapy and sleep wellness, discovered that the inner ear, our vestibular system which controls our balance, also activates our brain’s sleep center through movement, like rocking a baby to sleep.

    The Sleep Genius™ neuroscientists have been able to replicate the same experience using scientifically-composed music and neurosensory algorithms in sound to create an imbalance in the inner ear that’s 100% natural. The synchronized, low-amplitude sounds and vibrations activate the inner ear to naturally mimic the experience of being gently rocked to sleep, so you’ll sleep like a baby.

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    How Sound Affects Sleep [View]

  • There are plenty of products on the market that TRACK your sleep habits, basically telling you how badly you slept. However, you already know that.

    Intellibed Sleep Genius™ is the world’s first smart base that actually TREATS your sleep problems.

    The Sleep Genius™ smart base works by combining several audio technologies to naturally induce drowsiness. These scientifically-composed, soothing audio tracks activate and regulate your brain’s sleep center.

    While other smart bases merely TRACK your sleep, only Sleep Genius™ TREATS your sleep.

  • Mobile App and Sleep Programs
  • Dual Full-range 75 db Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth® Illuminated Charging Ports
  • Soft Form Technology
  • Motion Activated Underbed Lighting
  • Silent Drive Motors
  • Zero Clearance
  • Zero Gravity Preset

What Makes Our Smart Base

Intellibed Sleep Genius
Smart Base


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Sleep Genius Smart Base

  • Sleep Genius® App
  • Dual Massage (Upper body & Foot with 3x Variable Intensity & 10/20/30 Minute Timer Intervals)
  • Dual Full-range 75db Speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • Dual Illuminated USB Charging Port
  • Motion-activated Underbed Lighting in 5 Color Options
  • 4 Pre-programmed Settings & 2 Custom Settings
  • Battery Backup
  • Soft Form Technology
  • Adjustable Frame
  • 10-Button Wireless LCD Remote
  • Adjustable Legs
  • 3-Year Overall Warranty Plus Lifetime on Frame

Our App Is So Simple
It's Pure Genius, Too

The Genius Behind Sleep Genius

Control all Sleep Genius Smart Base features directly from your phone or tablet.

The Genius Behind Sleep Genius

The genius behind Sleep Genius. Select from one of four programs. Set the timer and sweet dreams.

Have It Your Way.

Raise the head or foot of your bed to your desired position. Choose the color of the underbed lighting to fit your mood.

Have It Your Way.

Establish your sleep routine with the Bedtime Notification and gently wake up to soothing sounds with the Revive Cycle Alarm.

Power Nap Program

Overly stressed? The relaxation program helps calm your mind and puts you in a state of complete relaxation.

Every Body Loves
The Sleep Genius Smart Base


Developed following research helping NASA get astronauts to sleep, the Intellibed Sleep Genius™ Smart Base represents a significant advancement in mattress base technology.

- Nic Ledoux, Furniture World


The Intellibed Sleep Genius™ Smart Base is a rest-optimizing piece of technology for the bedroom that will enable users to enjoy tranquil rest when lying down for the night.

- Michael Hemsworth, Trend Hunter


Rather than just tracking sleep quality, the bed is designed to treat sleep instead.

- Patrick Hearn, Digital Trends

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