Sleep affects your overall health.

Sleep: The Cornerstone To Good Health

In Say What?


In our efforts to maintain and prolong health through diet and exercise, many of us overlook one of the most obvious contributors to our physical and mental well-being: sleep wellness.

Search sites like WebMD and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and you’ll find an abundance of data linking inadequate sleep to an alarming range of serious health issues ranging from high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, to depression, attention deficit disorder, mental impairment, accelerated aging, weight gain and obesity.

Clearly, the bed you sleep on is an important choice. But how much thought do you put into what you’re sleeping on?


Improving your mattress is an easy way to improve not only your quality of sleep, but also your quality of life. The fact is your mattress can have a dramatic impact on your everyday life. Especially considering that we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping. That’s about 25 years! Yet, most of us put more thought and energy into our car buying decisions (even though we spend a little more than four years of our lives driving).

But do you know what to look for when choosing a mattress? Consider the following criteria before making your next mattress purchase. This one critical decision can make a world of difference for you and your family.


Most mattresses fail to provide the therapeutic level of support needed for proper spinal alignment and relief from back pain. intelliBED mattresses are recommended by over 1,000 chiropractors for their superior support. The Gel Matrix technology inside every mattress is engineered to support the natural curve of your spine.


Most mattresses feel fine but fail to relieve the pressure points that cause tossing and turning and prevent the deep, healing sleep we need. The column buckling technology of the Gel Matrix inside every intelliBED mattress reduces pressure points up to 80%.


Most mattresses are made with synthetic foam cushioning materials, which off-gas toxic fumes that are detrimental to our health. intelliBED mattresses are made with Gel Matrix, which is non toxic, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. intelliBED is the healthiest and safest sleep surface in the market today.


Most mattresses quickly lose their support and comfort due to compression of foam cushioning materials. intelliBED offers the longest warranty in the industry; 30-years.


The industry recommends that you change your mattress after 8 years of use recognizing the wear factor of the materials used. We have built our intelliBED mattresses to wear properly and meet our goal of changing less than 5% during the entire warranty period.

*Testing results for Gel Matrix are done in the mattress as a whole, while other material was tested independently.

No matter which product you use, it’s essential that you get the sleep you need to take care of your body. For more information on how you can get better sleep, call Intellibed at 888.435.2339.

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