Purchase an intelliBED
and receive a FREE Sleep Genius Sound System…the 2 best kept secrets to a good night’s sleep.

Tired of dragging during the day? Is your lack of sleep wreaking havoc on your life? What if you could sleep on the most advanced engineered sleep surface and also regulate your brain’s sleep rhythms…at the same time. With intelliBED and Sleep Genius you can!

The entire intelliBED sleep surface is made with Gel Matrix™, which:

  • can reduce pressure points by up to 80%
  • keeps you cool and is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • is backed by a 30-year warranty

ABOUT intelliBED

Our sleep consultants will help you achieve your healthiest sleep yet!

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More About Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is a sound-based sleep aid used nightly to gently train your brain into natural, healthy sleep rhythms.

With over 1 million customers, Sleep Genius is the most scientifically advanced sleep program in the world, and was developed following their research to help NASA get astronauts to sleep in space.

Your FREE Sleep
Genius Kit ($295 value) includes:

  • High-Fidelity Sleep Genius audio programs on an iPod Shuffle
  • Portable stereo speaker
  • AC charger
  • Connection cable
  • User guide

More About intelliBED

  • Gel Matrix reduces pressure points by up to 80% over foam.
  • Foam can sag up to 25% in the first 2 years; intelliBED offers a 30-year warranty as Gel Matrix doesn’t sag.
  • intelliBED does not off-gas potentially harmful toxins and sleeps cooler than any foam mattress, providing a healthier nights sleep.


Gary Lee
“I came across your Gel Matrix mattress, and after sleeping on it one night, I purchased it. Since then I have recommended it to many satisfied patients.” — Dr. Gary E. Lee, D.C.
James Edwards
“Sleeping on an intelliBED has made a tremendous difference in my quality of life. I still have arthritis flare-ups, but on our intelliBED, I can sleep all night and wake up in the morning actually feeling rested. I’m in a sunnier mood after a good night’s sleep, too.” — James Edwards, D.C.

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