The Ideal Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain Solved by intelliBED

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The best sleeping position when you have lower back pain by intelliBED

If you experience chronic lower back pain or are one of 40 million Americans who has a sleep disorder, then the therapeutic mattress company called intelliBED is your ticket for a better night’s sleep. We recognize that exercise and diet play a significant role in overall wellness, but what about the importance of sleep? People in who neglect the necessity of good quality sleep do so at their own risk, and the studies suggests it is not in your best interest to forgo sleep in our increasingly hectic, 24/7 world. The best sleeping position for people with lower back pain can be found when sleeping on an intelliBED mattress.

According to various authorities like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and WebMD, there is a growing body of data that indicates direct correlation between health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), mental impairment, premature aging, weight gain, lower back pain, and obesity with a lack of healthy sleeping conditions. While many of us are conscious of our posture during our waking hours, fewer of us are as vigilant about posture during sleep, although it is at least equally important.

At intelliBED, we take sleep very seriously. Our beds are built to last a lifetime. While the standard advice is to get a new mattress after 8 years of use, our therapeutic mattresses wear very little and alter less than 5% throughout the entire warranty period.

If you want a therapeutic mattress company to help you find the best sleeping position when you have lower back pain follow through by viewing our inventory. intelliBED, the premier therapeutic mattress company, has been offering the best sleep surfaces to sleepers across the United States since 2000. Our mattresses are made with Gel Matrix® technology to endorse effective sleep: good alignment support, pressure point relief, and a safe, innocuous sleep environment.

All of our mattresses are made right here at our Salt Lake City UT headquarters and shipped throughout the country. When you shop at intelliBED you can feel safe in the fact that we work with an established network of healthcare specialists. Every mattress carries is created for optimum sleep by offering perfect back support and eliminating tossing and turning.

What You’ll Receive at the intelliBED Store

When you visit intelliBED, you can try our basic Gel Elite™ therapeutic mattress or if you need additional care, check out the Posture Perfect™ or Relief Perfect™ therapeutic mattresses from the intelliBED company. Each mattress is resilient, supportive and most essentially, soft. intelliBED’s original Gel Matrix® is a revolutionary gel material used in hospital beds, seat cushions, shoe inserts and now mattresses. This textile is made from a plush, tough, solid copolymer gel shaped into a sequence of upright support members. These compact under small loads, but when strain on a localized area becomes painful, the support members loosen up and permit that area of the body to sink into the therapeutic mattress.

The best sleeping position when you have lower back pain is a neutral one, where you are not arching your back or lying completely flat on it. Experiment with pillows and visit our website to discover more about sleeping positions when you are experiencing lower back pain.

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