Benefits of a Therapeutic Mattress


Do you have problems sleeping through the night? If you toss and turn from uncomfortable sleep, there may be a problem with the type of mattress you own. A therapeutic mattress can remedy your sleep complications by aligning your spine and creating comfortable support. Read on to learn how a therapeutic mattress can help you.

Conventional vs. Therapeutic

A therapeutic mattress is an excellent choice for everyone, but especially for those who need extra care. A therapeutic mattress can help facilitate healing by reducing pressure points, regulating temperature, preventing bed sores and allowing better circulation than an ordinary mattress can.

Conventional mattresses create pressure points at the heaviest parts of your body. Your body turns this pressure into the feeling of pain and flips from side to side to relieve the pain. Intense pressure can cut off blood flow to skin and tissue, signaling your brain to tell your body to sleep in a different position to lighten the pain. People toss and turn an average of 40 times a night when sleeping on a conventional mattress. A therapeutic mattress can prevent this tossing and turning by removing pressure points and lets you achieve a deep, therapeutic and restful night’s sleep.

Why Use a Therapeutic Mattress?

Therapeutic mattresses were originally created for hospital use; they allow for long-lasting, non-toxic, restorative sleep. Doctors and sleep researchers have both stated that the ideal sleep surface would give proper back support and spinal alignment, as well as relieve pressure points around your body. The best mattress would also be non-toxic, non-off-gassing and extremely durable in order to provide years of healing, healthy sleep.

Regular mattresses are generally concerned with being supportive or comfortable and rarely have a combination of both. Good support creates more pressure on the heavy parts of our bodies, which can create discomfort. Mattress companies have the difficult task of trying to create a mattress that is both supportive and cushioning, which is a difficult task. Traditional mattresses make the consumer choose between comfort and alignment, and try to make you believe that you can’t have both those qualities in a mattress. Intellibed’s layers combine to build an innovative mattress that is non-toxic, non-off-gassing, supportive and comfortable.

Intellibed Mattresses Blend Comfort and Support

Every Intellibed mattress and mattress topper contains a layer of our next generation Gel Matrix®. This cushioning, medical-grade gel successfully relieves pressure better than any other mattress and is recommended by over 1000 chiropractors. Gel Matrix® was created for medical use; meeting the needs of patients with traumatic injuries that require deep sleep. The layer of gel holds your body in the perfect position for supporting your spine naturally, which lets you sleep comfortably through the night and wake up refreshed with fewer aches and pains. Intellibed is the superior choice for the best therapeutic mattress because it blends Gel Matrix® with a high-quality innerspring system, giving you the best of both worlds. You will get the spinal alignment your chiropractor recommends along with the comfort you want for a perfect night’s sleep. Browse our therapeutic mattresses, and start getting the best out of your night’s rest.

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