Is a Firm Mattress Good for a Bad Back?

The short answer to this question is yes, but there is more to consider than just firmness. Mattresses really need to be both firm and soft. For years, orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors recommended firm mattresses for patients suffering from back pain. The recommendation resulted in millions of back-pain sufferers buying plywood-hard mattresses to lie on as they stayed awake all night. Luckily, technology and recommendations have changed, allowing for better options.

How Important Are Mattresses for Bad Backs?

People spend an average of seven to eight hours in bed every day. Sleep allows the body time to heal and release tension. If you suffer from back problems but do not receive proper support during sleep, pain and symptoms can quickly worsen. Your daily habits also need to change to help improve back pain. Preventive measures such as stretching, exercising, and using heating pads can help improve back problems during waking hours. At night, your body needs to rest in a properly aligned position with supported pressure points. Sleeping is the ultimate rest for your body, so be sure you’re doing it on the best mattress possible. Learn more about the connection between your mattress and back pain.

Keeping Your Spine Aligned

If you or your spouse suffers from back pain, the most important factor for choosing a mattress must be spinal alignment, which doesn’t necessarily mean firmness. The mattress you choose must keep your spine in alignment, but also be comfortable enough to promote good sleep. Your spine has a slight S-shape that requires firm support to prevent twisting. For back sleepers, your mattress must properly support your back or lower back pain can appear or worsen. Side sleepers’ often contort their spines due to the lack of support around the lumbar area. Be sure any mattress you choose supports your spine, regardless of whether you have back problems.

Softness Matters

When recommendations began coming out for firm mattresses, many people bought the firmest products possible. Very few people were happy with their purchases, for good reason: Firm mattresses may keep the spinal cord aligned, but they are notoriously uncomfortable. It’s not easy to sleep on a super-firm mattress. Many firm-mattress sleepers would wake up with sore shoulders, hips, and tender pressure points. Developments in modern mattress technology can alleviate this problem, while still maintaining spinal alignment. The best mattress for back pain is one that is both firm and soft.

Gel Matrix>®

Intellibed mattresses are both firm and soft. It may sound impossible, but this technology has been proven to successfully manage or improve back pain. We construct our mattresses from firm, nontoxic materials that work to keep the spinal cord aligned, regardless of sleep position. On top of the firm portion of the mattress, we install our patented Gel Matrix® to create a soft, contouring surface. The softness of the gel keeps weight off pressure points, such as shoulders and hips. Intellibeds are the best therapeutic beds currently on the market and can significantly improve back pain.

The Intellibed Difference

There are many therapeutic beds available on the market today. Many of the beds are high-quality and good for bad backs, but Intellibed has consistently stood out from the competition. Our patented Gel Matrix® significantly improves the support received while sleeping. The bed remains firm but contours around the body, creating the best support possible.

Many people don’t know just how toxic mattresses can be. Most mattresses available on the market today contain hundreds of different chemicals that can be inhaled and ingested by users. We take special care to select the best materials when designing our bed, so you can have safe restorative sleep.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, be sure to invest in a mattress that is best suited to reduce your pain. Whether you have back problems or not, your spine should always be properly aligned while sleeping. The alignment of the spinal column will prevent problems from developing or worsening. Be sure your mattress is comfortable and does not place unnecessary strain on pressure points. You should never wake up sore or achy in the morning; if you do, it means your mattress is either too hard or too soft. Call us today for a free evaluation of your needs! We offer no-pressure sales and will help you find your best night’s sleep yet.