What Should I Put on My Wedding Registry?


So, you’ve found “the one” and you’re ready to tie the knot. What now? Wedding planning can be chaotic and stressful, especially trying to create a wedding registry. Let us help you out! Follow this advice and you’ll have a perfect wedding registry.


How to Choose Items to Add

Here are some basic tips for creating a wedding registry:

– Choose items that you’ll use often: What kitchen accessories do you use the most? Are there any entertainment items that you’re always having to borrow? If you know you’ll use it, add it!

– Choose items that suit your style: What style do you and your partner have? Are there any designs or colors that you both love? What items do you need to complete your home aesthetic? If you both love it, add it!

– Choose items that will last: The best registry items should be cherished for years. Don’t pick something that will need frequent replacing. If it’ll last, add it!

– Choose items that reflect your relationship: What are your shared passions or hobbies? Honor them through your registry. Marriage with your partner should be fun; have a registry that reflects that relationship. If it’s a reflection of you, add it!

Ultimately, your registry should reflect the needs and wants for you as a couple. You’re entering a new phase of life and you’ve chosen someone to share it with. What items will help you and your partner thrive in your life together?


Items that are Often Forgotten

It can be hard to remember all the items that you want to add to a registry. There are many lists out there that can help you. However, there are some items that are commonly forgotten on wedding registries.

The #1 category forgotten on wedding registries is bedding. There is nothing better than climbing into a new bed, with new accessories, with your new spouse. Luxury bedding will help create your newlywed sanctuary.

Bedding is perfect for a wedding registry because you can choose lower priced items that can be purchased by individuals or higher priced items that make a perfect group gift. There are many options to choose from when adding bedding to your registry.


Bedding Options for a Wedding Registry

A New Mattress

Start your marriage off with a brand-new bed. Pick a mattress that will last— you don’t want to be replacing your mattress every 5 years. Intellibed mattresses offer a 20-year warranty, ensuring you have a mattress that will last.

An Intellibed mattress would make a perfect group gift! Shop all Intellibed mattresses here.


New sheets are a must-have item on your wedding registry. You want to start your marriage off fresh and clean, a new set of sheets will help you achieve that. But don’t pick any old sheet set. Pick a luxury sheet set that will last and provide ultimate comfort.

Shop a variety of luxury sheet sets here; the quality and comfort are unparalleled. You won’t regret getting a new pair of sheets.


Sleeping with a partner can be challenging at times. Don’t make that more difficult by sleeping on a terrible pillow. Use your wedding registry as an opportunity to get the pillow of your dreams.

New pillows make for perfect wedding registry items because they are a lower cost item that can be purchased by one guest. Also, they can be customized to you, and your partner’s comfort needs. Shop luxury pillows here.

Other Items

Some other bedding items that could be added to a wedding registry include:

– A bed frame/adjustable base

– A mattress protector

– Comforters and blankets

– Duvet covers

Whatever you decide to add to your registry, just remember the tips from above. Choose items you will use, suit your style, will last, and reflect your relationship. Congratulations and best of luck building your registry!