How it all


Founded at the beginning of the new millennium, it is only appropriate that Intellibed would become the Bed of the Future.

Intellibed has the most disruptive technology in the bed industry since the invention of memory foam by NASA in the 1960’s, which was later used in mattresses starting in 1991.

Intellibed traces its roots to the healthcare industry where Gel Matrix was originally used (and is still used) in hospital beds to help burn and long-term patients reduce pressure on their skin and body.

Bob Rasmussen, engineer and founder of Intellibed, decided he didn’t want to create another mattress manufacturing company, but create a health and sleep wellness company whose sole mission was to improve the quality of people’s lives by giving them a better and more comfortable night’s sleep.

While Bob was perfecting the therapeutic mattress for consumers, Colin House, a former senior executive at Hewlett Packard, was creating Sleep Genius, an app that focuses on treating sleep problems. With over two million downloads, Sleep Genius was recognized by NASA as one of its very successful spinoff technologies. The result? Colin was recruited to Intellibed as CEO and brought his leadership and high-tech experience with disruptive technology to the company.

The two entrepreneurs combined their passion, expertise and determination to share the healing benefits of Intellibed’s Gel Matrix. Before long, the industry was abuzz with the news of the world’s first bed that is both firm and soft at the same time. After all, how could one bed deliver maximum back support for spinal alignment as well as deliver maximum pressure point relief to prevent tossing and turning at the same time?

After recruiting top executives from Ernst & Young, Pepsi, Walt Disney and Mattress Firm, Intellibed has become a leading provider of luxury, true therapeutic beds across North America.

The Intellibed brand collections can now be found at top furniture and retail stores near you.