Discount Program Details

  • Vivint employees receive 20% off entire purchase (60-day in-home trial available!)
  • + Bonus Offer if you purchase a Therapeutic Grade mattress (Queen or larger)
  • Use Promo Code: VIVINT20

Do your Research!

Bonus Offer Items ($500 value)

2 Ways to Purchase 

  1. Visit one of our participating Retail Store Locations listed below
  2. Call 866-526-8303 to speak with one of our Healthy Sleep Consultants.
    • If after hours, please fill out the form at the bottom and we will contact you the next business day
  3. (20% Discount not available on

Participating Retail Locations

Salt Lake City
4874 S. Highland Dr.
SLC, UT 84117
P: 801.274.7177

Customer Testimonials

575 University Pkwy #A23
Orem, UT
P: 801.226.2090

After Hours Form

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