Help Katie and intelliBED Contribute to Your Sleep Health

Katie is interested in getting you the facts regarding non-toxic, healthy sleep. And here at intelliBED we are interested in helping you with your personal sleep health. What’s keeping you up at night? Please share any thoughts you may have about sleep and we’ll pass them along to Katie as well as our sleep experts at intelliBED. If your issues appear to be related to sleep surface problems keep an eye out for an email from us.

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How does intelliBED Provide Healthy Sleep?

•intelliBED Prevents Back Pain. Most mattresses are made primarily with foam, which will sag up to 25% after two years, offering poor alignment support and sleeping posture. intelliBED’s Intel-Gel column buckling technology has ZERO sag, maintaining optimal alignment and spine support while you’re sleeping.

•intelliBED Eliminates Tossing and Turning by reducing pressure points up to 80% compared with typical foam mattresses which can contour to your body but once compressed create painful pressure points during sleep.

•intelliBED Provides Toxin Free Sleep. We use only materials that won’t off-gas, a toxic process where chemicals inside and outside the mattress emit fumes that you breathe in and absorb through your skin, which is a widespread problem because most foam mattresses contain toxic chemicals from foam fillers, adhesives, flame retardants and waterproofing. intelliBED’s Intel-Gel is made with food-grade mineral oil and no toxic compounds.



    1. Our therapeutic beds have a 30 year warranty and our Gel+ and Gel Elite models are 10 years and 20 years respectfully.
      Please give us a call for further information on our toll free line at 1-888-435-2339
      Thank you for your interests.

    2. IntelliBED warranties their Therapeutic mattresses for 30 years and our Gel + line has a 10 year warranty and our Gel Elite line has a 20 year warranty.
      In addition, we are celebrating our 16th Anniversary and have some Special promotions available. If you are ready for a new experience in sleep, give us a call at 888-435-2339 and one of the Sleep Wellness Professionals can assist you today!
      Thank you
      Terry Baird

  1. I am VERY curious about your product as I have been an incredibly light sleeper my entire life. At 47, I am convinced that my lack of quality, deep sleep is the reason I am constantly fatigued. I eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get the amount of hours of sleep per night (between 7-8) needed. Unfortunately, not only do I toss and turn (waking up with every move I make) but I also get up multiple times during the night to visit the bathroom. I believe if I was in a true deep sleep, I would not be making trips to the bathroom at all. I sleep on a conventional mattress and use a pillow that does not support neck alignment. I am interested in a queen size mattress and supportive pillow. I sleep on my back, sides and stomach. What do you recommend?

    1. Lisa, we will contact you today via email and one of our Sleep Professionals will walk you through a FREE analysis of your sleep tendencies and make recommendations for you to enjoy healing sleep.
      If you would like to contact us by phone our number is 888-435-2339.
      Looking forward to assisting you
      Thank you
      Terry Baird

    2. Hi LIsa, a good mattress is a MUST and the INTELLIbed does sound promising and I am actually thinking of getting one. However, I am wondering if you have ever been tested for sleep apnea. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine and it turned out I had sleep apnea. You don’t have to be a snorer to have it as in my case my brain shuts off 9 times a night and it caused me to wake up numerous times a night and because of my sleep apnea I could never get into a good deeo REM sleep and their are many health problems that stem from sleep apnea. After getting the machine, I still eat healthy, I still exercise and I still get up every night to use the washroom and I sleep on a fairly good mattress but the difference is I feel amazing now and I have more energy during the day. It has been a game changer in my world and thinking you may want to get yourself tested. You really have nothing to lose and much needed sleep to gain. 🙂

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