What is the Best Adjustable Bed Frame?

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The best adjustable bed frames offer value through a few different methods. The right adjustable bed frame will let you sleep consistently through the night in a position that promotes health and relieves pain. While adjustable beds are known for their usefulness in hospitals and for patients with limited mobility, many people don’t know that they can offer relief for many types of sleep disorders and body pain.

Help with Digestion

If you’ve got acid reflux, heartburn or both, sleeping on an adjustable base mattress can provide you with a huge amount of relief. Being able to adjust the angle of your bed can help ease digestion and prevent heartburn and acid reflux. Sleeping at a slight incline allows food to digest with less strain than it does if you sleep flat on your back. intelliBED adjustable bed frames let you adjust the angle of your bed to recommended 6 inches above horizontal for digestive ease.

Sleep Apnea Relief

Sleep apnea plagues an estimated 22 million people across the US. While it can’t be totally eliminated through the use of an adjustable bed frame, when used in conjunction with your doctor’s recommended treatment, an adjustable bed frame can offer an easier night’s sleep for those with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause snoring and halted breathing and can be dangerous if it continues through the night. An adjustable base bed can help change the direction of the air flowing through your windpipe, which improves sleep quality and decreases snoring.

Relief from Aches and Pains

When combined with an intelliBED therapeutic mattress, an adjustable bed frame can alleviate back, neck and sciatica pain. When your spine is supported at the right angle, it creates pressure relief, making an even weight distribution across the mattress. An adjustable mattress can cause less compression of the spine and support your head in a more ergonomic fashion than pillows stacked on top of each other can. Relief from aches and pains is attainable with the help of an adjustable intelliBED bed frame.

Circulation Improvement

An elevated bed can also provide circulatory relief. Hospitals use adjustable bed frames in order to reduce swelling for patients with broken limbs or other injuries. The same process can work in your home. An intelliBED adjustable bed frame offers the option to elevate both the top and bottom of the bed, providing much-needed relief for anyone who works on their feet all day, or for anyone suffering from an injury.

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